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How To Order


Choose your shutter type

PVC Plantation Shutters: Fully Assembled Shutter Panel, DIY Installation
PVC Shutter Kit: DIY Assembly Shutter Kit, DIY Installation
Enter the window width and height in mm.
Enter the room name. e.g. bedroom 1 or bedroom 6, kitchen, dinner.


Select the blades size and colour of plantation shutter

(Note: We only have 89mm for the blade size and snow white for the colour in plantation shutters)
Select your plantation shutters production lead time.
Depends on your demand, please choose the suitable lead time. Please note the production lead time you select is the time between warehouse receives your order, manufacturing and ready for shipment or pickup, this time does not include delivery as courier is outside of our control. You will then get the estimated plantation shutter or pvc shutter kits price on your choices.

Plantation Shutters Online Step 02

Choose your plantation shutter’s Frame & Mount

For Recess L, Recess Z and Face fit L frame
we have 3 sides (no bottom frame) and 4 sides (with bottom frame).

Plantation Shutters Online Step 03-2

Choose your panel configuration

e.g. double door L-DR, LTL-DR, LTLTL.
Plantation Shutters Online Step 04

Choose the position of your panel (even or uneven)

Normally, the equal size of panel is recommended. If it is uneven, type your position in mm. If you select more than one panel, choose their positions too.
For the window’s height be equal or larger than 1600mm, you will have to choose the position of the middle rail (even or uneven). You can make the mid rail position similar with the bar on your window.
*If you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to leave a note.


Choosing your delivery or pickup options

Based on your delivery address, please choose the suitable options. We also provide free pick up option for you.
Plantation Shutters Online Step 06

Review you plantation shutter order

After the completion, press “Summary” to review your order.
Plantation Shutters Online Step 07

Confirm your plantation shutter order

Tick the box to confirm your plantation shutter order is correct. Then go to “Checkout”.

Check out

After pressing “Checkout”, you will be sent to the shopping cart.

Add more order

If you have more than one plantation shutter, please click “Add more order”.

Choose your payment option

Press “Proceed to checkout” to the payment if you are ready to pay. Type your personal information and delivery address. Then complete card details and then press “Place order” to finalise your order.
If you have any questions in online order system, please do not hesitate to contact us.