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Shutters Parts/Dimensions

There are several types of frames:

L Frame recessed (in) fit

Z Frame recessed (in) fit

L Frame (Out) face fit

Hang Strip recessed (in) fit

Top U Channel

Bottom U Channel


Square Stile

D Mould Stile


Top/Bottom Rail

Mid Rail

T Post


Assemble Screw 3.8*80mm

Installation Screw 3.8*40mm

Tension Screw 3.8*63mm

Tension Washers

Screw Cover

NM L Hinge

HS L Hinge

Hinge Screw 3.5*23.5mm

Blade Pin

Single Panel Strike Plate

Strike Plate Screw 4*11mm

T Post Plate

T Post Screw 3.8*23mm

Hoffmann Key

Tilt Rod Screw 2*22mm

Plantation Shutter Parts

Plantation Shutter Dimensions & Components

PVC shutters are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and moisture resistant and our DIY PVC Shutter Kit includes customized plantation shutter parts, plantation shutter dimensions, hardware and shutter components. You only need to assemble and install it by following the instructions, and the process is not complex.