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Shutters Parts/Dimensions

There are several types of frames:

L Frame recessed (in) fit

Z Frame recessed (in) fit

L Frame (Out) face fit

Hang Strip recessed (in) fit

Plantation Shutter Parts

Top U Channel

Bottom U Channel


Square Stile

D Mould Stile

Plantation Shutter Parts


Top/Bottom Rail

Plantation Shutter Parts

Mid Rail

Plantation Shutter Parts

T Post


shutter components

Assemble Screw 3.8*80mm

Plantation Shutter Parts

Installation Screw 3.8*40mm

shutter components

Tension Screw 3.8*63mm

Plantation Shutter Parts

Tension Washers

shutter components

Screw Cover

NM L Hinge

HS L Hinge

shutter components

Hinge Screw 3.5*23.5mm

Blade Pin

Single Panel Strike Plate

Strike Plate Screw 4*11mm

T Post Plate

T Post Screw 3.8*23mm

Hoffmann Key

Tilt Rod Screw 2*22mm

Plantation Shutter Parts

Plantation Shutter Components & Dimensions

Our DIY PVC Shutter Kit offers a convenient solution for creating customized plantation shutters. Crafted from hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly PVC, these shutters are moisture-resistant. The kit includes all necessary plantation shutter parts, dimensions, hardware, and shutter components.

Assembly and installation are straightforward with clear instructions, making the process simple and hassle-free. Enjoy the benefits of a personalized and high-quality PVC shutter system for your space.